[Hiking & Backpacking]

(1) [W.H.*] Kamikura Shrine and (2) [W.H.] Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine

(3) [N.H.] Ruins of Shingu Castle and (4) [N.T.**] Uki-jima Floating Island

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route: (5) Ojiga-hama Beach and (6) [W.H.] Koya-zaka Hill

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route: (7) [W.H.] Ogumotori-goe Path

*W.H.: Wrold Heritage, N.T.: National Treasure, N.H.: National Historical Site


Jet Boat Tour: Doro-kyo Gorg


[bus] Shingu Sta. a Shiko (40 min.)



[boat] Shiko a Doro-kyo a Shiko (2 hours)

(round trip including 20 min. recess)


[bus] Shiko a Shingu (40 min.)

4 hours, \4,800

Wooden Boat Tour: Kumano River


[bus] Shingu Sta. a Tanago (25 min.)

Shuttle bus


[boat] Tanago a Hayatama G. Shrine (90 min.)

Brief stop at Hiru-jima Island


[bus] Hayatama G. Shrine a Shingu Sta. (5 min.)

2 hours+, \3,900

*Reservation required

*Runs between March and November (minimum 6 people between December and February)

Oto Fire Festival

On every February 6th, men in white carrying torches rush down the 538 stone steps of Kamikura Shrine together. This magnificent and nationally-known festival colors the Kumano winter. The burning torches rushing together in the dark look like a dragon. This is a ceremony that embodies a primitive faith. In May 1964, this was designated as an intangible cultural asset of Wakayama Prefecture

Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine Annual Grand Festival

This two-day annual festival takes place on every October 15th and 16th. This festival is for the Hayatama Grand Shrinefs two main deities, Hayatama-no-Okami (15th) and Fusumi-no-Okami (16th). The Mifune Boat Festival on the 16th is especially famous and has more than a thousand years of history.

Ogi Fan Festival

This is Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrinefs summer festival. By decorating each shrine building with 11 sacred fans, people pray for the health and at the safety of their families. A yukata (an informal cotton kimono for summer) beauty contest is held at this festival.

Shingu Autumn Festival

This festival takes place on the same days as the Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine Annual Grand Festival. Although it was originally designed to celebrate the Grand Festival, it is now more like an independent dance festival. Every year, more than thirty teams, without regard to age or sex, participate in this festival and demonstrate their own creative dances.

Shingu Jofuku Fireworks

This is a part of the Kumano Jofuku Manto Festival. On the following day after the Jofuku memorial ceremony on August 12th every year, this fireworks festival takes place on the dry riverbed of the Kumano River. About 5,000 fireworks are set off.


[February 2011]
6th : Oto Fire Festival (Kamikura Shrine)
[May 2011]
Late : Canoe Marathon (Kumano River (Kumanogawa Town))
[July 2011]
14th : Ogi-tate Fan Festival (Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine)
[August 2011]
12th and 13th : Kumano Jofuku Manto-sai Festival
13th : Fireworks Festival (Kumano River)
Mid : Hashira Matsu (Shingu Port)
[September 2011]
Mid : Miwasaki Hachiman Shrine Annual Festival, Miwasaki Whale Dance (Hachiman Shrine)
[October 2011]
15th and 16th : Kumano Hayatama Annual Festival (Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine)
(16th : Mifune Boat Festival (Kumano River))
15th and 16th : Shingu Autumn Festival (Shingu City)
[November 2011]
Early : Tadanori Taira Festival (Hitari)
[December 2011]
Mid : Koguchi Playland Festival (Koguchi)

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